Advantages of Dental Implants

dental implantsSilverman & Associates University Dental Family Dentistry is a dentist office in Bellmore, NY and Bayside, NY that specializes in all dental procedures including cosmetic procedures and restorative dentistry. One of the treatments offered is dental implants, which is a surgical procedure that can be completed in our office. Learn a few of the most important advantages of dental implants and why this treatment is becoming one of the most popular restorative procedures performed in dental offices across the country.

They’re Permanent
One of the most significant advantages of dental implants is they are permanent dental restorations. Implants heal into the jaw and become a part of your mouth. If you brush regularly, floss every day and see your Bellmore or Bayside dentist at least twice per year for professional cleanings your dental implants can last forever.

They’re Attractive
Another benefit of dental implants is they look amazing. The actual implant forms the base for a porcelain crown, which very closely resembles a healthy, natural tooth. The dentist will make a crown that matches the color of the rest of your teeth and fits perfectly into the open space. When you smile, no one (but your dentist) will know that you have an implant.

They’re Comfortable
Living with a missing tooth can be very uncomfortable because the open space makes it harder to chew your food thoroughly and sometimes it could be difficult to properly pronounce words. Food can also get stuck in the space and cause painful dental infections over time if particles aren’t properly removed. Dental implants restore your smile so that you can chew, talk and smile comfortably once again. Because they’re permanently rooted, you don’t have to worry about the implant moving out of position or becoming dislodged at an inopportune moment (a common complaint of patients with partial dentures).

It All Starts with a Consultation...
Much like other dental procedures, the first step of getting dental implants is to see your Bellmore or Bayside dentist for a consultation appointment. Call Silverman & Associates University Dental Family Dentistry today at (516) 781-9700 or (718) 225-0515.