How Sealants Can Protect Your Child's Teeth

Sealants provide a simple way to help protect your child from tooth decay. Your family dentists at Silverman & Associates, located conveniently in Bellmore, NY and Bayside, NY,  explain how this painless and affordable tooth protection option prevents cavities.Sealnts

What are sealants?

Sealants are made with resin, a safe, durable material that can withstand the force of chewing and biting. Liquid sealants are applied to your child's molars with a brush and are cured with the use of a special light.

Why does my child need sealants?

A good oral hygiene routine helps remove plaque and calculus and reduces the chance of tooth decay, but sometimes brushing and flossing alone just aren't enough. Back teeth contain grooves so tiny that they often can't be reached by toothbrush bristles. When these grooves aren't cleaned regularly, plaque and calculus form and begin to attack tooth enamel, causing cavities. Sealants provide a protective barrier that can't be penetrated by plaque and calculus.

When should my child get sealants?

Sealants should be applied as soon as your child's permanent molars appear for maximum protection, which is normally around the ages of 6 and 12. Applying sealants is an excellent way to ensure that your child has the ideal protection against developing cavities.

What happens when my child gets sealants?

Your child's dentist or hygienist at Silverman & Associates will apply an etching solution to his or her molars after they've been cleaned and dried. The etching solution helps the sealants cling to the teeth. After the etching solution has been applied, the dentist will use a small brush to apply the sealants to your child's back teeth. A special blue curing light that looks like a small flashlight is used to help the sealants harden fast. The best part about this procedure is that it is pain free!

How long do sealants last?

Sealants typically last three to five years, although they may last as long as 10 years. Sealants may wear off sooner if your child grinds his or her teeth. Your child's dentist will check the condition of the sealants regularly and if chipping or wear is detected, sealants can be reapplied in those areas.

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