The Advantages of a Family Dentist

When people marry, they typically live together and combine bank accounts to make things more streamlined and simple. But as the family Familygrows, they often begin to branch off into different schools and activities, making things a bit more hectic. However, there are ways to maintain some order in all of this chaos, including visiting a family dentist like the team at Silverman & Associates in Bellmore and Bayside, New York, who specialize in treating patients of all ages. Below, we explain why family dentists just make sense for today's busy households.


Easily accessible

With a family dentist, your entire family's dental records are all in one convenient place. That means there's no need to call several different offices to schedule regular cleanings. Nor do you need to take off multiple days from work or school and spend time driving all over the city. In many cases, the scheduling staff at Silverman & Associates in Bellmore and Bayside can work all of your family members' appointments into one specific day, keeping the rest of your schedule free.


No need to switch

As your child grows, their dental needs begin to evolve as well. Likewise, fully grown adults may also find that they need tooth restorations or other repairs done on their teeth. Family dentists see patients from toddlers to seniors, so you don't need to seek out a different dentist each time another family member reaches a new stage in life. That familiarity also helps kids (and dental-phobic adults) feel more comfortable when it's time to visit their dentist; knowing that the office's staff and procedures remain the same can have a calming effect.


Quality care

You can be assured that by choosing a family dentist, each of your family members' unique dental needs will be appropriately addressed. This is because family dentists like those at Silverman & Associates have received specific training for each stage of life, giving them a unique advantage over dentists who only see pediatric or adult patients.


Interested? Give us a call!

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