What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns have been around in some form since the beginning of the practice of dentistry, and for good reason. Unlike other dentaldental crown restorations that perform very specific functions, dental crowns can be used to fix a number of the most common cosmetic and general dentistry issues, from permanent stains and discolorations, to deeply cracked, broken, or missing teeth. The dentists at Silverman & Associates offer a range of dentistry services for the entire family in Bayside and Bellmore, NY.

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Dental crowns are sometimes also referred to as caps, because they literally cover a damaged tooth. Like other modern dental restorations, crowns are custom designed from high-quality porcelain or ceramic materials to match the color and texture of your natural teeth for an organic looking and seamless finish. In addition to improving the look and function of a damaged tooth, crowns also help to strengthen and fortify the remaining tooth surface from further damage and potential extraction.

When are Dental Crowns a Good Option?

Crowns are the restoration of choice when you have lost a significant portion of your tooth, either through severe decay or trauma. Some of the most common scenarios where your dentist might recommend a dental crown include:

  • When a cavity is too large to be filled with a standard dental filling
  • To cap a broken or severely cracked tooth
  • To cover a stained or discolored tooth (professional teeth whitening treatments may not be effective on all types of dental stains)
  • To correct the size, shape, or spacing of damaged or deformed teeth

What is Bridgework?

A bridge is a set of crowns designed to replace a missing tooth. The replacement crown is held in place by a set of abutment crowns on either side.

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