What Are Fastbraces?

There are many reasons why people, especially adults, might think twice (or completely freak out) at the thought of getting braces. In bracesaddition to the obvious cosmetic concerns, another major factor that gives many people pause about getting orthodontic treatment is the time commitment. With the initial as well as the many follow-up dental appointments required during orthodontic treatment, and the length of treatment typically spanning anywhere from 18 to 36 months, it's no surprise that some people might prefer to stick with crooked or misaligned teeth over the alternative.

Whether the patient is an eighth grade student hoping for straight, metal-less teeth for the yearbook pictures, or a corporate executive who needs to be taken seriously at the next board meeting, no one has the time or desire to sacrifice two years of their social and professional standing, even to the important cause of tooth alignment (no matter how necessary it might be).

Fortunately, some enterprising and forward thinking dentists have heard the desperate cries and pleas of adolescent and adult patients throughout the halls of time and have come up with a viable solution by way of Fastbraces. The dentists at Silverman & Associates, based in Bayside, NY and Bellmore, NY offer Fastbraces for patients in the New York area looking to get straighter teeth in a shorter amount of time.

Fastbraces progressively shift the teeth into the desired position just like traditional braces, but in as little as six months to a year. Conventional braces generally work by shifting the teeth into the desired alignment in two phases - phase one works on shifting the crowns of the teeth while phase two shifts the roots of the teeth into place. Fastbraces is designed to streamline the process so that the roots and crowns of the teeth are shifted in unison, cutting the time it takes to straighten the teeth by as much as half, depending on the patient.

To learn more about how Fastbraces work and can help to give you a straighter, healthier smile in half the time of traditional braces, and whether you are a good candidate for Fastbraces, contact Silverman & Associates at (718) 225-0515 (Bayside) or (516) 781-9700 (Bellmore) to request an appointment today.