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By Silverman & Associates
August 12, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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How do you know if you need a tooth extracted? There are some definite signs and symptoms to pay attention to. The truth is, you need the help and expertise of your Bayside and Bellmore, NY, family dentist at Silverman & Associates to know for sure.

Pain is an important symptom that needs to be evaluated. Sometimes tooth pain can be relieved with a simple filling or root canal. In other instances, the tooth needs to be removed. These are some of the signs you might need a tooth extracted due to dental pain:

  • Severe tooth pain that continues after a dental filling has been placed
  • Severe tooth pain that continues after root canal treatment
  • Pain due to lost bone and infection from periodontal disease
  • Dental trauma due to an accident or injury
  • The loss of large amounts of tooth structure which prevents the tooth from being restored

There are other non-painful instances when you might need one tooth or several teeth extracted. One of the most common reasons is orthodontic treatment. Removal of teeth that are crowding other teeth makes orthodontic treatment quicker, easier, and more effective to give you the straight smile you want.

Wisdom teeth are also common teeth to be removed. Very few people have enough room for a third set of molars, called wisdom teeth. These teeth often don’t erupt properly or don’t erupt at all. They can cause problems for other teeth, and they are also very difficult to keep clean and healthy.

Only your dentist knows for sure whether tooth extraction is the right treatment. Your family dentists at Silverman & Associates can help you protect your smile! For more information about tooth extractions and other dental services, call (718) 225-0515 to schedule an appointment at our Bayside, NY, office or (516) 781-9700 to schedule an appointment at our Bellmore, NY, office today.