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By Silverman and Associates
January 10, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Do you want to improve your smile? Do you feel like you're too old to be wearing braces? Well, the dentists at Silverman & Associates invisalignUniversity Dental Family Dentistry understand how you feel, which is why they offer Invisalign at their Bellmore and Bayside, NY offices.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign is composed of custom-made clear aligners that are made to fit your upper and lower teeth. The aligners function the same way traditional braces work, by applying pressure on each tooth so that it moves into its proper position. Your Bellmore and Bayside dentists create your custom aligners using a specialized computer software.

The clear plastic aligners are flexible and are great for if you need to straighten your teeth and don't want anyone to know you're wearing braces, unlike traditional metal braces. You do, however, need to keep them on for a minimum of 20 hours a day. You can take them off if you want to eat, brush your teeth or floss. Some people like to take their clear aligners off for special events, but that's unnecessary if they're transparent.

Benefits of Invisalign:

  • Oral Hygiene: Because Invisalign is a removable appliance, you will be able to clean your teeth more thoroughly than if you have traditional metal braces. Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once.
  • Discreet Look: Traditional metal braces are embarrassing, especially if you're a teenager or an adult. Invisalign is transparent, so no one will notice if you have braces.
  • No Dietary Deprivations: Traditional braces prevent you from eating your favorite foods, like taffy apples or corn, but that's not an issue with Invisalign. You can eat whatever you want because the aligners you wear are removable.
  • Comfortable: Invisalign aligners are thin, flexible aligners that don't irritate the soft tissue in your mouth, unlike metal braces.
  • Teeth-Grinding Protection: If you have a teeth-grinding or clenching habit, Invisalign can be used as a nightguard to protect your teeth.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with your Bellmore and Bayside, NY, dentists, then call their office today!

By Silverman and Associates
October 31, 2017
Category: Oral Health
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Searching for one dentist for your whole family? Family dentists are one stop shopping for your family's oral healthcare needs. Silverman & family dentistAssociates University Dental Family Dentistry, which has offices in Bellmore and Bayside, NY, offers full-service, state-of-the-art dental care to people of all ages. Here are some reasons why you should choose a family dentist to take care of your family's dental needs.

1. One-Stop Shopping

Family dentists want to cater to your busy, hectic schedule as much as possible. With the hectic pace of our busy lifestyles, we all look for ways to simplify our lives and save time. Going to a family dentist can mean fewer dental visits. You will save time by having the same dentist treat your whole family. 

2. Education and Training

Family dentists have completed at least eight years of post-secondary education and received a dental degree. Family dentists must meet continuing education requirements for the remainder of their careers so that they keep current with the advances that are occurring in the field. Family dentists have also received the proper education and training required to work with kids.

3. Dental Care Services

Bayside family dentists diagnose, treat, and manage their patient's oral health care needs. They can diagnose and treat oral diseases and perform restorative procedures. They also participate in training their patients in good oral hygiene. Family dentists offer their patients a full range of dental services from dental exams and teeth cleanings to fillings and root canal treatments.

Putting off dentistry for a while? If oral health hasn't been a priority in your life in past years, it should be. Regular dental visits are essential for the maintenance of healthy gums and teeth. Call Silverman & Associates at 516-781-9700 now to schedule an appointment in Bellmore, NY. Call 718-225-0515 to schedule an appointment in Bayside, NY. Regular visits to a dentist will get you and your loved ones the road to good oral health.

By Silverman and Associates
August 30, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

How dental implants from Bayside and Bellmore, New York, can complete your smiledental implants

It can be difficult to put up with gaps in your smile. An incomplete smile can impact your self-esteem and self-confidence, making you not want to smile at all. An incomplete smile can also impact your ability to eat the foods you love, causing digestive problems, which can affect your overall health.

Don’t let gaps control your smile! Your dentists at Silverman & Associates University Dental Family Dentistry want to introduce you to dental implants, the high-tech way to achieve a great smile. They have offices in Bayside and Bellmore, New York, to help you with your dental needs.

Dental implants are a revolutionary solution to replace a single or multiple missing teeth. Dental implants can also support a denture, which is snapped in place over the implants. Dental implants are unique because they are made of titanium, a biocompatible material that your bone will fuse to.

The implant is placed in your jaw during a simple in-office procedure. During the healing period, bone will fuse with the implant, securing it firmly in place. Once your implant is secure, a beautiful implant crown is placed over the implant, and you have a new tooth!

If you need to replace lost teeth, you should choose dental implants because they are:

  • Stable; they are secured by bone and won’t move around like partials or dentures.
  • Beautiful; they look just like your natural teeth.
  • Worry-free; they won’t ever decay and they resist stains.
  • Healthy; you brush and floss them just like your natural teeth.
  • Convenient; you never take them out, unlike partials and dentures.

Another great benefit of dental implants is they help retain the bone structure in your jaws and face. Your strong facial contours and firm jawline are what keep you looking young. In contrast, dentures press on the bone in your jaw, causing the bone to diminish over time. Dental implants can help keep you looking younger!

Don’t let gaps control your smile! Take control of your smile by calling your dentists at Silverman & Associates University Dental Family Dentistry, with offices in Bayside and Bellmore, New York. Find out what dental implants can do for your smile and your life by calling today!

Dental decay is a very common oral health problem that both children and adults experience. Basically, a cavity is a hole in your tooth fillingsenamel caused by the corrosive action of oral bacteria that thrive on plaque and tartar. Previously, dentists used only amalgam, or metal, filling material to repair a cavity, but now you and your family dentist in Bellmore and Bayside, NY have a great alternative: the tooth-colored filling. The dental team at Silverman & Associates University Dental Family Dentistry use natural-looking composite resin to restore decay and leave smiles strong and healthy.

Do you need a filling?

If you do, you may not know it. However, some patients experience a sharp pain when they bite down on a decaying tooth, or the tooth can be sensitive to heat, cold or sugary foods.

Fortunately, your family dentist in Bayside can see cavities by examining your teeth or with X-rays. Whatever the diagnostic tool, your family dentist will remove the decayed portions of your tooth and fill the remaining space with a strong and realistic material called composite resin.

How does composite resin work?

Most tooth-colored fillings are made from this innovative blend of glass and acrylic. Some larger fillings--called inlays and onlays-- may be created from dental grade porcelain.

To restore a cavity, your Bellmore and Bayside family dentist removes the decayed tooth enamel. When the dentist employs composite resin, they actually remove less healthy enamel than he would if he were restoring the tooth with amalgam. Amazingly, composite resin bonds right to the tooth, actually becoming part of it. Your dentist adds the composite to the prepared tooth layer by layer, hardening each one with a special curing light. This process makes the restoration exceptionally strong. Also, the dentist ensures the finished filling bites together properly with the teeth in the opposite arch.

Do tooth-colored fillings last?

Most studies show that with good at-home and in-office hygiene, tooth-colored fillings serve patients well most anywhere in the mouth, and these restorations last an average of seven to ten years or more. Plus, composite resin proves to be gentler on remaining tooth enamel because this synthetic material behaves much like real enamel. Its flexibility allows it to move with the physical forces of biting, chewing and clenching.

Also, while it is worth noting that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) deems old-style amalgam fillings safe, most dentists and their patients prefer the aesthetics and versatility of composite resin fillings. They can be placed anywhere in the mouth and are unnoticeable.

Do you have questions?

If you are concerned about the health of a tooth or have questions about what tooth-colored fillings could do for your smile, please contact a family dentist at Silverman & Associates University Dental Family Dentistry in Bellmore and Bayside, NY for an appointment. Call (718) 225-0515.

By Silverman and Associates
May 22, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Even very small chips and cracks in your teeth can become a problem if they aren't fixed in a timely fashion. Thankfully, an affordable dental bondingand easy dental treatment called dental bonding is available to quickly repair chipped or cracked teeth. The dental team at Silverman & Associates University Dental Family Dentistry in Bellmore and Bayside, NY, offers this treatment -- find out if it can help you perfect and strengthen your smile.

Tooth Repair with Dental Bonding
For a dental bonding treatment, your dentist uses the same material that fills in cavities. It is a composite resin compound that hardens and bonds to the surfaces of your teeth. Instead of spreading the material in the pits and fissure of a tooth that has been affected by a cavity, your dentist applies it to the front and lower surfaces of the chipped or cracked tooth instead. It fills in, covers, and solidifies the tooth so that it can stay strong and have a better appearance.

The Bonding Treatment
It's possible to complete a bonding treatment during a lunch hour from work. It only takes a few minutes for your Bellmore and Bayside family dentist to prepare your teeth to accept the composite material, apply it to the surface, harden it with a curing light, then smooth and polish the tooth. When finished, it will look just like the rest of your teeth in shade and contour. 

Benefits of Dental Bonding
While there are alternatives to dental bonding to fix cracks and chips in the teeth, many patients prefer this treatment for a number of reasons:

  • It's relatively inexpensive compared to other cosmetic solutions
  • The tooth color can be matched almost exactly
  • It only requires a short one-time appointment
  • There’s no need to wait for a dental lab to create a crown or veneer
  • It will last for five or more years before another treatment is needed

One Quick Appointment
A dental bonding treatment can be completed in just one appointment with a family dentist at Silverman & Associates University Dental Family Dentistry in Bellmore and Bayside, NY. Call the Bayside office at (718) 225-0515 to schedule a visit to see if bonding can repair your dental issue. Or call the office in Bellmore, NY, at (516-781-9700) if that would be more convenient for you.

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